Overview of scientific research of information department in 2017

发布时间:2018-12-29 10:25:36

   Under the joint efforts of all teachers of the department, the scientific research work of the department has been steadily promoted. With the support of various colleges of the department, I successfully completed the establishment of a scientific research team and the formulation of assessment methods for scientific research workload. According to the unified deployment of the department, based on the first-level team of scientific research, each college established a research institute and completed the three-level institutional reform of the department. Organized a series of activities for young and middle-aged teachers to improve their scientific research ability and NSFC application and guidance, and four times for national fund project application and application writing guidance. To participate in the application and joint construction of the state engineering laboratory for advanced treatment and resource utilization technology of urban sewage. Participated in the application and joint construction of national engineering laboratory of industrial big data. Cooperate with friendship hospital, organize the strength of all disciplines of the whole department, vigorously promote the construction of medical and health big data research and development team, successfully complete the development of medical service APP of Beijing city sub-center, and start the joint application of several projects. Cooperate with China star microelectronics co., ltd. to strengthen the construction of artificial intelligence chip r&d team, and actively promote the application of relevant national key r&d programs. We have actively carried out cooperation and exchanges with enterprises engaged in scientific and technological innovation in tongzhou district, lanzhou vocational college and the Chinese and European academy of sciences. Actively organized and organized the "dragon star program" high-end academic seminars, which received a good response and expanded the influence of the information department in the industry.
   In 2017, 65.05 million yuan was spent on scientific research. It has obtained 271 authorized patents and 288 software Copyrights. It has applied for 70 projects of national natural science foundation of China, 18 projects of national natural science foundation of China, 47 projects of Beijing natural science foundation of China and 15 projects of national natural science foundation of China. Teachers of the department were awarded 4 provincial and ministerial awards and national social power awards. 1 new Beijing scholars: jun-fei qiao, "nova" of science and technology plan 1 list: Katharine wang, Beijing pacesetter project 1: Hu Yongli, Beijing high school high "a plan" 1 youth talent: Ke, Beijing outstanding talent training support 2 people: JianMeng, Li Jiafeng.

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