Overview of Information Department

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   The information department of Beijing university of technology was formally established on September 2, 2016. It is composed of the former school of electronic information and control engineering, school of computer, school of software and school of microelectronics.
   Location: adhering to the "for the body, nissin for" the school motto, with Chinese characteristics, a world-class as the goal, to khalid ents, gathered a group of noble ethics, business skilled experts and scholars, strive to peers of the information department of Beijing university of technology into a respect, students aspire to high levels of information talent cultivation base.
   Development ideas: with the goal of building first-class discipline direction and first-class research team, with performance as the lever and reform as the driving force, we will constantly explore the governance structure and operation mechanism of the department. We will vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening schools with talents and developing schools abroad, and comprehensively improve the quality of teachers and personnel training by means of internationalization and information technology.
   College setting: college of electronic science and technology (college of microelectronics), school of information and communication engineering, school of automation, school of computer, school of software.
   Discipline setting: it has four first-level disciplines, namely, electronic science and technology, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, and software engineering. It also has four first-level disciplines, namely doctor's degree authorization points and post-doctoral research stations, and one first-level discipline, master's degree authorization points, of information and communication engineering.
   Major setting: there are nine undergraduate majors of electronic information engineering, communication engineering, automation, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, information security, Internet of things engineering, software engineering and digital media technology.
   Student scale: currently, there are 5,859 students on campus, including 2,754 undergraduates, 1,338 full-time master's students, 1,573 part-time engineering master's students, 140 doctoral students and 54 overseas students.
   Faculty: there are 303 full-time teachers, including 48 professors and 123 associate professors. The department has 2 academicians of the Chinese academy of engineering, 1 national famous teaching teacher, 2 winners of the national science foundation for outstanding young people, 2 winners of the national project for talents of millions and millions, 1 winner of the national outstanding young people foundation, and a number of well-known experts and scholars such as Beijing famous teaching teachers.
   Research direction: division in optoelectronic devices and micro-nano technology, microelectronics technology and integrated circuit, intelligent multimedia and speech signal processing, artificial intelligence and robotics, computational intelligence and intelligent control, intelligent perception and automation technology, brain information processing and network intelligence, embedded software technology, trusted computing and information security, Internet of things cognitive big data technology, multimedia and artificial intelligence, wireless access and direction of green communication and so on has certain advantages.
   Scientific research level: in the past five years, the department has successively undertaken a number of high-level projects, including the national 973 program, key projects of the national natural science foundation of China, and national science and technology support program, with a total funding of more than 300 million yuan. He has published more than 1,300 high-level academic papers (SCI/EI), obtained more than 540 authorized patents, and won many national, provincial and ministerial awards for scientific research.
   Scientific research platform: with photoelectron technology key laboratory of the ministry of education, Beijing municipal key laboratory of trusted computing, computational intelligence and intelligent system of the Beijing municipal key laboratory, Beijing municipal key laboratory of embedded system, multimedia and intelligent software technology Beijing municipal key laboratory and digital community education engineering research center, Beijing Internet software and systems engineering technology research center.

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